Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yoga You Go!

I'll be the first to admit that Yoga appeared intimidating to me.

I've never done it in my life, not once. So when purchasing items for work and spying this freebie I snatched it up just as fast as I could. After all, I'm trying to get my body in top shape in order to better pursue my dreams.

I'm on my third day with this DVD. It is epic.

Although I can now tell how horrifyingly out of shape I am at the same time I'm beginning to feel better about my body. The exercises are simple thus far, but definitely test my endurance. I'll be honest, there are only two classes and an introduction area to the DVD. I'm still on class one because I only have time to work out for about fifteen minutes right now, but I really am enjoying the experience and I hope to continue it both in the morning and before bed.

If anyone else is interested in trying it you can find it here to purchase at Office Depot.

And now here are some fun links about Yoga on the website Care2

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