Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Are My Dreams, Anyway?

So, what exactly are my dreams?

Some are big and some are small. A few only need me to take on a new attitude while others will require a bit of hard work. The rest? They'll take my entire lifetime to achieve.

I know I won't manage to make each and every one come true. And yet that's the very beauty of dreams, how they are mine and mine alone to breathe life into. It is within my power to achieve them or release them, I'm the one responsible for making them wither or raise up within my life, in the most glorious way they can.

So, yet again, what exactly are my dreams?

Short Term Goals  

Goals that, if I maintain constantly, will give me quick results
  • Have A Manicured Yard
  • Have a Consistently Clean House
  • Maintain A Self-Discovery Blog
  • Maintain A Fit And Healthy Body
  • Save Money To Visit Nearby Conventions
  • Seek Out Adventures, Both Big And Small, In My Everyday Life
  • Practice The Beginnings of The Minimalist or Voluntary Simplicity Lifestyle

Long Term Goals

Goals that, if I maintain constantly, will eventually give me results
  • Compete In Ninja Warrior
  • Voice Act Successfully In An Anime
  • Compete In Anime Expo's "Ax Idol"
  • Raise My Self Confidence Extrodinarily
  • Write A Successful Fiction Novel
  • Write A Successful Self-Help Book
  • Acquire A Masters Degree In Psychology
  • Voice Act In A Fable Video Game
  • Figure Out The Career Of My Dreams 
  • Speak French Fluently
  • Speak Spanish Fluently
  • Speak Japanese Fluently
  • Speak Chinese Fluently

Lifetime Goals

Goals that I will never truly finish, as there is no end to them
  • Obtain Inner Peace
  • Attain Self-Actualization
  • Become Proficient In Tai Chi Chuan
  • Become Well Rounded In Self Defense

Merriam-Webster describes a dream as: "a strongly desired goal or purpose". 

The next step? To find the courage to leave my comfort zone and seek out the ways to achieve each and every one.

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