Monday, January 23, 2012

What's Your Lucky Cat?

I love positivity, I thrive in it as I'm sure the rest of humanity consciously or unconsciously does. So it's no wonder that New Years is my favorite holiday. I enjoy imagining all the people in the world, gathering together with friends and family, making promises and new ambitions for the upcoming year. It's thrilling to think that for at least those few days around that time you're joining many others filled with high hopes and - you guessed it- positivity. It doesn't matter who's bound to lose out on their resolutions or who keeps them, it's all about the moment where you look into the future and see opportunity!

Brrr...Just gives me goosebumps thinking about it! Positive ones, of course.

Getting back on topic though, I love positivity and that's exactly why I adore New Years. So it's no wonder that I went all out in my own, quirky sort of way. That meant going down to the local Japanese goods store a few cities away and having at their stock.

And I got myself a Lucky Cat. Two, to be exact.

One of them is about the size of my actual housecat, which I lovingly deemed "Muta" (Which anime fans may know is from "The Cat Returns") and the other, as seen above, can comfortably sit in the palm of my hand.

I've yet to name the little one, but once I saw it I knew right away it'd be my way of getting through the day at work. And there it sits, right between my computer and work phone, continuously beckoning me to run my finger between its ears and plunk my spare change into the slot behind them.

Having a Lucky Cat really does help me through the day, too. It's something that's personally mine in the office, something that wouldn't be there without my intention of bringing it in. Whenever I'm having a hard time I take a moment and run my finger over it's little medallion collar and between its ears. It's a soothing little ceramic statue and also a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

I advise anyone who has the chance to fill their office space with something that's from home or purchased specifically for the object's aesthetic value. It's more beneficial than we sometimes realize.

So...what's your lucky cat?

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