Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Wire Hanger Bonsai Tree

I was on my way to work this morning when Japanese culture popped into the front row of my thoughts. It was also at this time that I was thinking of Steampunk culture. Suddenly my mind shifted to the idea of bonsai trees and how amusing they are. Then it hit me.

Bonsai Tree + Steampunk = ?

I kept thinking about this as I drove and the more I think on it now the more I've come to realize what an awesome idea it would be to make a steampunk style bonsai tree. I would need some really bendable wire though, and probably the use of something to melt the wires together, but ever so slightly.

So Perhaps...

Uncoated wire hangers could do the trick...?

It would be really neat to work on this idea, I'll probably go to "Michaels" and see what I can find there to make this little vision a reality.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thankful Log: To My Followers

Tonight I want to send out a sincere "Thank You" for all that have followed and commented on my blog so far. It truly makes me happy to see people reading what I've written and I want you all to know how much I appreciate each of you.

I know this blog hasn't been open for business all that long, but it is one of my dreams to have a positive and successful blog that helps people the way some blogs out there have been helping me. Honestly, I've never really gotten to know the depths of blogging until recently. That means I didn't and still don't know how to use Blogger to the fullest of its capabilities. As I continue to learn more I hope I'll be able to find new and exciting ways to enhance my experience here for both myself and all that are following me.

I hope we all continue in sharing our experiences and continue to move forward, balancing our lives as best we can.

P.S. Don't be surprised if this becomes a monthly thing I end up doing~

Monday, February 20, 2012

Convention: Animation On Display

This glorious Monday evening I find myself gushing.

Why, you ask?

Because this weekend was Animation On Display at the Hotel Kabuki in Japan Town in the heart of San Francisco.

I try hard not to squee in sheer bliss.

For normally, you see, I am not a San Francisco person. Although the city is beautiful I find it slightly unnerving to someone who is so used to the wide open expanse of the valley. I haven't had the best moments of interaction with its city dwellers in the past and thought my mind had been made up: I didn't like San Francisco.

That was changed for the better this weekend, you see. When I was able to stay at the Hotel Tomo and go to AOD. It was for a friend's birthday that I first decided to go, because he's an architectural fiend and let's just all admit it to ourselves that San Francisco is filled with architectural eye candy. I had to stop him many times from walking straight into traffic as his eyes wandered amongst rooftops, wall decor and over balconies. Really though, it was great to see him so happy and I'm truly glad that the idea clicked into my head to go.

My personal favorite was Japan Town of course, I'm a bit of a fan of Japanese culture as so many anime and gaming fans are. This was made ten times better as anime convention goers flocked the malls dressed in astounding outfits that appealed to my inner otaku. My decision not to dress up was both good and bad. Good because I wouldn't get whatever I was wearing messed up as we toured the rest of San Francisco, bad because I felt I was lacking in exploring the convention.

The important part is that we both had a great time and remained safe throughout our escapades. I even got to meet someone from a comic I read online.

Jes from Three Panel Soul.

*Breathes in deep*

*Breathes out*

I had a really difficult time composing myself as I went by Three Panel Soul's booth, so I decided to go be giddy elsewhere and return when I wasn't about to explode from joy.

I did. And I got to meet Jes.

I was so happy I wanted to go and see her again the next day, but I got myself worked up into a nervous tizzy and didn't make it back to the booth. Getting to meet her period was a great way for me to improve my comfort zone though. Going to San Francisco was a great way to improve my comfort zone.

Ahhh... I grew alot over this weekend. I'm so glad everything went so well.

I haven't uploaded pictures yet, but expect some tomorrow or soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Running Over My Dislike Of Running

A runner's sunset. My reward tonight for a job well done.

If, on any occasion, I ever deserved a little gold star, today would be the day.

Yes, that's right.

I am absolutely and completely proud of myself, for I accomplished what I thought I could not do. Or rather, what I really really didn't want to do.

I went running. Argh!!

Now, now. I know for some out there running comes second nature. It's as easy as breathing or eating...yet for some of us we are not so lucky. I'm among the "some of us" for certain. I've dealt with asthma throughout my lifetime and have quite willingly used that as a crutch to keep myself from overexertion in the running area of my life. High school's P.E. was nearly hellish for me when it came to the mile run. The irony was that my gym teacher never did know of my asthma, I probably should have pointed that out to her at some point...

Quite honestly though, I've always been a bit sickly and that doesn't really help with my prospective dreams for the future. As such, I had decided earlier on today to try and do some running as soon as I got home. And a half hour after getting home and settling down I grabbed my Labrador Retriever and set off.

 I ran two miles.


Technically I jogged for a while, gasped for air, continued to jog, walked and enjoyed the scenery, jogged some more, did the fish out of water bit and then got my second wind.

But I did it! I didn't quit, I didn't let myself take a single shortcut!

You've got to savor the little victories, you really do.

I'm very pleased with how I've been stretching out my comfort zone lately, especially in this regard. To actually go running for the sake of running is a huge deal for me. Normally I just jump on my trampoline until I'm near dead.

And the yoga thing, too. I haven't quit on it, though I'm not doing it as often as I really should. It's a great indicator that though I'm still me and I still have my moments of slothfulness my dreams are still more important than just doing what I always do.

I want to keep achieving what I'm achieving, I want to continue growing in whatever way I can, even if it's just a little bit every day. And I hope everyone else does, too.

Let's keep going strong, everyone! Let's show the world exactly what we're capable of!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Wake Up Early?

Why Wake Up Early?

The Blue Russian seems to say.

There really is no need, come back to bed.

Why open your weary eyes and crawl from the comforting confines of your blankets?
Why raise your head up to stare at the blackened depths of your bedroom?
If it's all the same to you, might I suggest laying back down? 

Close yourself up in your cocoon of covers.
Confide your murmured breaths with me.
I'll purr a lullaby we both will sleep to.

I know better and so I touch my lamp. Florescent light pours over the both of us and the Blue shields her eyes. My legs swing off to touch old carpet and my arms raise out to the ceiling above. Again, she beckons me.

Surely you mean this as a joke.
Can't you hear the soft pitter patter of the rain?
It's playing against the windowpane and, it too, insists that you remain.

My fingers make their way around her slender ears as I adjust to the morning chill. I take a stand and turn my little heater on high before lowering myself to the ground. Too lazed to bother with turning on the DVD I try and pull from memory the morning yoga class moves. The Blue Russian watches now, appraising my stretches with a yawn.

Wouldn't it be nicer to stretch amongst the sheets and pillows?
Wouldn't it be better to knead the bed rather than the cold floor?
The downward dog knows no pleasure like the curled cat.

I smile inwardly and finish my poses. Uncomfortable as they are, I know my body will eventually adjust. I retrieve my work clothes, backpack and turn to depart. The Blue has settled herself onto my pillow now and for just a moment lifts her head in farewell.

Oh, well, I did try.
But if your heart is so set on going then go.
I will do you the courtesy of keeping your place warm for you.

On the chance may change your mind.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Beware The Toxic Friend

 It's been a little over a year now since a very toxic person left my life.

 This acquaintance of mine had me at the pliability of putty, I was a sorry sight indeed.

 And going this long without them in my life, I have NEVER been happier.

 Each one of us, at some point in our life, has had a friend or relative, perhaps family member who hasn't been all that great for us. Though the circumstances in which we encounter them or befriend them may be different, in almost every case we later feel we could have done without.

Have you ever wondered if you have one? Please, ask yourself these questions:

When hanging out with the person in question, do you...

...start feeling down about yourself?
...find yourself inadvertently gossiping?

...notice the conversation often shifting from your problems to their own?
...feel they often take over the conversation, leaving you no time to reply or respond?

...feel yourself more obligated to hang out rather than wanting to for the fun of it?
...constantly seem to be giving to them more in the friendship than receiving?

...tell a story or something about yourself, only for them to try and one-up it?
...leave the conversation feeling drained, maybe even stressed?

If you answered yes to a few of these then odds are you may have a toxic friend on your hands. Now, don't get me wrong, not all friends who do this are toxic, they might just be a little too into the current conversation or situation, but if you notice the above occurrences happening a little too often for it to be a coincidence you may want to step back and evaluate what you've gotten yourself into.

It's great to have a friend, even better if the bond between you both is close and on good terms. We'll always be required to go through a rough bout or two in friendships, but one thing to remember is that if a friend is leaving you with a heavy heart you ought to take the time and speak to them about it, before it hurts you. It's okay to give a little more than necessary sometimes, but once a friendship becomes more of a habit than a healthy and fun experience you may need to consider distancing yourself from the individual.

Let's put ourselves first in keeping up our health to have happy and fulfilling friendships.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Will It Still Matter?

Few will disagree when I say that somewhere in our lives we'll do something that later on we'll feel was foolish or undesirable. It may be what we'd said, how we acted or what we did, but after the event has passed we'll look back and shake our heads, wondering how we could have let that slide.

I had just a moment like that yesterday and unfortunately I'm the type that has a hard time letting go of the mistakes I do.

I'll sit there afterwards and brew on what I said or did. Things like "How stupid! Why did I let that happen?!" or "I should have been more mindful, if only I'd just - insert my fixer to situation here - then things wouldn't have turned out the way they did!"

Really, if life only had a reset button.

Unfortunately though, it doesn't and we're stuck with these bitter feelings that aren't doing us any good. 

I don't remember from where exactly, but recently I came across a rather good saying involving situations like these. Obviously, it won't work with each and every situation we come across, but if we ask ourselves this simple little question, odds are, we can realize that the mistake we made isn't nearly as bad as we first believed it to be.

"Will this still matter in ten years?"

So, will it? Take a moment to consider what's been on your mind recently, and ask yourself that very question.

I'd say nine times out of ten, it won't.

How about five years?

Maybe the odds aren't as great, but they're probably still pretty good, aren't they? And in cases where the situation does matter quite a bit, will it matter just as much down the road?

We're always growing in our lives, always trying new things and meeting new people. We can't always make the best impression or cinch the deal we're working on. We won't always have the knowledge needed to make the right decision and sometimes it's downright necessary to get down in the dirt and scuff our knees.

What we need to remember is to forgive ourselves for our shortcomings, realize that's life and move on. Time spent berating ourselves when the situation is done is wasted time.

So let's put aside the self-criticism, accept what we have to live with and keep moving forward towards our dreams.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Live Life.

Life is our most precious commodity, of which we sometimes forget the value.

It is quite amusing in its twisted, quirky and whimsical sort of ways.

It will make you remember your better days.

Make you remember what you care for.

And exactly what you don't.

Heed its warning.

Live life.