Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Importance Of My Own Proactivity

Yesterday was an important day for me.

It marked the very first time I chose my dreams over short term gratification knowingly and willingly.

I was lounging around the house after a day of work, wondering what to do, when I got out the onion dip and ruffled chips. As I was going to eat I decided that it was also a great time to play one of my video games, the big fan of Xbox 360 that I am. So I sat there on my behind for a half hour or so, getting increasingly frustrated at an area of the map I couldn't quite circumvent. 

Then it hit me.

I created a blog about following my dreams, striving to surpass my comfort zone...

And what was I doing? The same thing I did almost every other day!

I realized that without school to force me into using my brain and body I was simply doing what came naturally to me, gaming. And although it would be a pretty nice ambition to become a pro gamer, I knew that wasn't exactly what I had in mind when following all my other dreams.

I narrowed my brow, shot off from the couch and stormed to my front door. Filling my lungs with cool, winter air I let out a triumphant bellow that shook the nearby trees and chucked that bag of ruffly-potato goodness into the sky, followed promptly by that delicious and creamy onion dip. As they fell I watched them drop into a heap on the icy dirt below and banished their likeness to the moon forevermore!!

No. Not really.

I hopped up from the comforting confines of the couch, placed the onion dip and chips back in the respectful shelf spaces and turned off the Xbox. Then I stood there for a minute, wondering what in the world I was to do next.

It came to me after a minute of looking around, something that would both fulfill my temporary need for entertainment and technology, but also assist me in achieving my goals!

 The Spanish learning software I had purchased last year! Bueno! Perfecto! Yo tengo un gato!

So I rushed to the nearest computer, installed this lovely software and began my hour long study session. It was great to see I hadn't lost all the vocabulary I'd learned in high school and with this I'd be primed to take a class the next semester of college.

To top it off, after the session I was tired and a bit grumpy and yet I still convinced myself to work on a Yoga session, got a bit further than I'd gone before if I might add.

In the end, I am reminded of how important it is to get the ball rolling when it comes to your dreams and ambitions. You can put them in the back seat of your life all you want, in fact most people in your life will help you with that, but it is up to you to make them happen.

Strive to commit to what you want.

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  1. Good for you. Fulfilling your goal will not only give you additional skills but it will help you feel more accomplished as well. Good luck.