Thursday, June 7, 2012

Taking A Tumble on Trampolines

I love trampolines.

I am on my 8th one.

I have jumped in the rain, I've reached for the skies as hail poured from the heavens and I've fried in the middle of summer and froze in the dead of winter. I've jumped in the middle of the day and at midnight. I've cursed at the heat that burned my toes and raced inside to warm them when I'd slipped and slid on the frozen net.

I love trampolines and now I love them more.

Last year I came across a website that took my immediate interest. Sky High, a warehouse filled with trampolines lined right onto the wall.

The wall! Literally! You can bounce off the walls in this place!

Needless to say, I was thrilled.

And so I set my sights on this magical place and must say it changed my life.

Of course it did, I love trampolines!

It was remarkable, pure bliss as it were. Fellow jumpers both young and old practiced as they stole themselves into the air and came back down, some more agile than others. I saw people first starting their jumping journey as they simply bounced up and down. I myself had to work on the wall bounces lest I twist my ankle.

Yet there were others amongst us, those who commanded the warehouse skies and moved with the music that whisked throughout the walls. It was they whom had my attention, they that flipped over themselves again and again, mocking the very notion of gravity. They twisted and weaved through the air, coming down in splendid stops and at a blink of the eye they were up again.

I have come one step closer to their miraculous movements.

I have perfected the art of landing the front flip!

Yes! It is awesome, it is epic and I can do it, too! What makes this most incredible is that, for the longest time, I was afraid of performing stunts such as this on my own home trampoline. To conquer this fear is to get one step closer to my own self-actualization. I feel invigorated, rejuvenated in my own capabilities and I can't wait to go back to Sky High, the trampoline warehouse, to practice in a larger arena!

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