Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Check Out The Trailer!

My current pursuit: The lovely 2012 Aljo 162. Photo courtesy of RV Guide
This is what I'm applying for a loan for and this will very shortly be my home. I have searched long, long hours over multiple travel trailer websites looking for the one that could fit my lifestyle and luckily I found a few dealerships in the area that sell it. This particular photo above is a little the door is actually more to the front of the trailer, but it still gives you a pretty good grasp of the trailer's exterior.

This is a bunkhouse travel trailer, the bunks being directly to the left of you as you walk in:

These are the two bunks, I'll be taking the top whilst my awesome roommie will be taking the bottom. You can't see it very well from this angle, but there is a window that opens up on the bottom bunk. Whether it's only supposed to be used as an emergency exit or a super easy way to go outside remains to be seen.

Directly across from the bunk area is the kitchen:

 It really isn't much different from the current kitchen situation my friend and I are in now, but I'll go into that detail later. This seems perfect for the two of us to cook in and I'm planning on painting the cupboards. I'm painting anything that is that brown color really.

 I despise it.

 In fact, I had originally passed up this model because of the colors. Once we actually went to see it we changed our minds and decided it only needed a coat of paint. Yet again, you can't see it from here, but in the far back between the bunks and the kitchen is a door which leads to the bathroom. A simple toilet and shower are in that cramped little corner, but it will do nicely if I keep it tidy.

Finally, in front of both the kitchen and the bunks, taking up the entire front area of the trailer, is the dining area:

 This was one of the comfiest dining areas I'd sat in yet while looking at trailers. We had visited quite a few dealerships and while most areas looked more appealing than this they were near hazardous fitting into. It's because most areas are so packed in and the tables are usually bolted into place or stuck into the ground via a pole. With this one it's set up like you would find an ironing board. So, if you wanted to fold it up and have no table, or make the entire thing into one big bed by fitting the table snugly onto some grooves in the center you could.

And that's my future home! There's definitely more to it than that, but I wanted to go over the bigger areas and since I technically still don't own it I want to wait to make a more thorough post later when I do.

The three interior photos from above are courtesy of South Hill RV.

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