Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Wake Up Early?

Why Wake Up Early?

The Blue Russian seems to say.

There really is no need, come back to bed.

Why open your weary eyes and crawl from the comforting confines of your blankets?
Why raise your head up to stare at the blackened depths of your bedroom?
If it's all the same to you, might I suggest laying back down? 

Close yourself up in your cocoon of covers.
Confide your murmured breaths with me.
I'll purr a lullaby we both will sleep to.

I know better and so I touch my lamp. Florescent light pours over the both of us and the Blue shields her eyes. My legs swing off to touch old carpet and my arms raise out to the ceiling above. Again, she beckons me.

Surely you mean this as a joke.
Can't you hear the soft pitter patter of the rain?
It's playing against the windowpane and, it too, insists that you remain.

My fingers make their way around her slender ears as I adjust to the morning chill. I take a stand and turn my little heater on high before lowering myself to the ground. Too lazed to bother with turning on the DVD I try and pull from memory the morning yoga class moves. The Blue Russian watches now, appraising my stretches with a yawn.

Wouldn't it be nicer to stretch amongst the sheets and pillows?
Wouldn't it be better to knead the bed rather than the cold floor?
The downward dog knows no pleasure like the curled cat.

I smile inwardly and finish my poses. Uncomfortable as they are, I know my body will eventually adjust. I retrieve my work clothes, backpack and turn to depart. The Blue has settled herself onto my pillow now and for just a moment lifts her head in farewell.

Oh, well, I did try.
But if your heart is so set on going then go.
I will do you the courtesy of keeping your place warm for you.

On the chance may change your mind.

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