Monday, February 20, 2012

Convention: Animation On Display

This glorious Monday evening I find myself gushing.

Why, you ask?

Because this weekend was Animation On Display at the Hotel Kabuki in Japan Town in the heart of San Francisco.

I try hard not to squee in sheer bliss.

For normally, you see, I am not a San Francisco person. Although the city is beautiful I find it slightly unnerving to someone who is so used to the wide open expanse of the valley. I haven't had the best moments of interaction with its city dwellers in the past and thought my mind had been made up: I didn't like San Francisco.

That was changed for the better this weekend, you see. When I was able to stay at the Hotel Tomo and go to AOD. It was for a friend's birthday that I first decided to go, because he's an architectural fiend and let's just all admit it to ourselves that San Francisco is filled with architectural eye candy. I had to stop him many times from walking straight into traffic as his eyes wandered amongst rooftops, wall decor and over balconies. Really though, it was great to see him so happy and I'm truly glad that the idea clicked into my head to go.

My personal favorite was Japan Town of course, I'm a bit of a fan of Japanese culture as so many anime and gaming fans are. This was made ten times better as anime convention goers flocked the malls dressed in astounding outfits that appealed to my inner otaku. My decision not to dress up was both good and bad. Good because I wouldn't get whatever I was wearing messed up as we toured the rest of San Francisco, bad because I felt I was lacking in exploring the convention.

The important part is that we both had a great time and remained safe throughout our escapades. I even got to meet someone from a comic I read online.

Jes from Three Panel Soul.

*Breathes in deep*

*Breathes out*

I had a really difficult time composing myself as I went by Three Panel Soul's booth, so I decided to go be giddy elsewhere and return when I wasn't about to explode from joy.

I did. And I got to meet Jes.

I was so happy I wanted to go and see her again the next day, but I got myself worked up into a nervous tizzy and didn't make it back to the booth. Getting to meet her period was a great way for me to improve my comfort zone though. Going to San Francisco was a great way to improve my comfort zone.

Ahhh... I grew alot over this weekend. I'm so glad everything went so well.

I haven't uploaded pictures yet, but expect some tomorrow or soon!