Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Running Over My Dislike Of Running

A runner's sunset. My reward tonight for a job well done.

If, on any occasion, I ever deserved a little gold star, today would be the day.

Yes, that's right.

I am absolutely and completely proud of myself, for I accomplished what I thought I could not do. Or rather, what I really really didn't want to do.

I went running. Argh!!

Now, now. I know for some out there running comes second nature. It's as easy as breathing or eating...yet for some of us we are not so lucky. I'm among the "some of us" for certain. I've dealt with asthma throughout my lifetime and have quite willingly used that as a crutch to keep myself from overexertion in the running area of my life. High school's P.E. was nearly hellish for me when it came to the mile run. The irony was that my gym teacher never did know of my asthma, I probably should have pointed that out to her at some point...

Quite honestly though, I've always been a bit sickly and that doesn't really help with my prospective dreams for the future. As such, I had decided earlier on today to try and do some running as soon as I got home. And a half hour after getting home and settling down I grabbed my Labrador Retriever and set off.

 I ran two miles.


Technically I jogged for a while, gasped for air, continued to jog, walked and enjoyed the scenery, jogged some more, did the fish out of water bit and then got my second wind.

But I did it! I didn't quit, I didn't let myself take a single shortcut!

You've got to savor the little victories, you really do.

I'm very pleased with how I've been stretching out my comfort zone lately, especially in this regard. To actually go running for the sake of running is a huge deal for me. Normally I just jump on my trampoline until I'm near dead.

And the yoga thing, too. I haven't quit on it, though I'm not doing it as often as I really should. It's a great indicator that though I'm still me and I still have my moments of slothfulness my dreams are still more important than just doing what I always do.

I want to keep achieving what I'm achieving, I want to continue growing in whatever way I can, even if it's just a little bit every day. And I hope everyone else does, too.

Let's keep going strong, everyone! Let's show the world exactly what we're capable of!