Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes Life Gives You Lemons

The sour kind.
Near bitter, really.
Half rotten, too.

That's what life does, it dishes out exactly what you need. Just enough to make you weak in the knees, but hopefully a little below your breaking point. I am currently traveling this dark hallway, blindly making my way towards the light at the end. A simple flicker of faint hope which pushes me onwards and through my worst days.

I must admit, this is the very reason as to why I'm not blogging much at the moment. Or enjoying the posts my fellow bloggers are making on their own corners of Blogger. Sometimes one must make priorities in their daily life and indeed I've been juggling them rather valiantly.

Long story short, I'm still here. And I'll be making a comeback with my posts just as soon as I can.

On a side note, it was my birthday last month so huzzah for me! That's just about the time all these little issues in my life started creeping up and that's really sad. But I've been learning! If you have to take those sour, bitter and half rotten lemons you may as well learn something from them all the same, right?

 Just a few things I've learned:

-You can't control how other people feel, or how they're going to feel. You can only be there for them when you can.

-Things are going to happen in your life, regardless of how much you prepare,  that you'll have little or no control over. It's just life, it is just how it is.

- You can't put your dreams aside whenever something bad happens, you have to learn to balance them amongst the obstacles of everyday life.

- You have to put yourself first, no one else is going to. Putting your life on the back burner for others will do nothing, but make you miserable.

- Don't overextend yourself or your resources, you'll regret it.

- Try to not second-guess your decisions. They're yours and they belong to you. Unless you did them in the spur of the moment and feel you've really messed up stick up for them. They represent you.

- Place limits on yourself when it comes to the people around you. Let them know just how much you can be there for them and when you draw the line. And make sure they don't step over that line.

- Nothing is forever, this truth is both a blessing and a curse.

Constantly learning, always growing. That's what this life is all about...and so much more.

Here's to continuing forward and finding our balance!

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